Cocoa Jones has a new home; find us at 2 The Parade, Old Lodge Lane, CR8 4DG. Cocoa Jones has a new home; find us at 2 The Parade, Old Lodge Lane, CR8 4DG.


Stay at Home and Eat Chocolate

Stay at Home and Eat Chocolate

Happy Easter! In the midst of a pandemic, what a strange one it is. I pray all of your family, friends and work colleagues stay safe. 

At Cocoa Jones, we have a full house of five children. All normally scattered across the globe, they’re having to learn how to navigate around each other’s characters again. 

Don’t let anyone know but I quite enjoy having them all here. We eat together, share jokes, clap for the NHS on Thursday night and have fights about what to watch on Netflix. 

Whilst adapting to a new regime of Twitter, working from home, Zoom, House Party, Twitter again, exhorting the younger children to ‘bathe you foul and pestilent smelling creatures and take the opportunity to learn something too’ cooking, cleaning, more Twitter and our daily exercise there’s not been much time spent with chocolate aside from eating it. 

Now we’ve managed to carve out something resembling a daily routine, we can turn our minds to couverture, melting, tempering and moulding. As delicious as the Easter Eggs look in the picture above, unfortunately there's none available this year as our packaging supplier has closed for the lockdown.

Instead, Naz has spent the day doing her favourite pastime, experimenting with ingredients whilst I bumble around as kitchen porter. The result being a surprisingly light, honey, pistachio, raspberry and strawberry brittle which we think may go nicely with a topping of Colombian dark chocolate.

We may have no Easter Eggs but orders can still be placed for everything else as normal via our website or social media. To aid social distancing, orders will only be mailed twice a week via Royal Mail and delivered locally in Croydon and Sutton. As ever, there will be free delivery for any orders over £10. 

We are a small and still relatively new business so *Thank You* for your support during this unprecedented time. 

Please stay safe x