About us

Our dream

We want to share the immense pleasure that a beautifully crafted piece of chocolate can bring. To introduce our customers to the wonderful complexity of flavour and character that shines through in the origin and design of cacao.

Our chocolates

Our handmade truffles and bonbons are crafted with single-origin Colombian cacao, filled with luxurious seasonal ingredients.

We create wonderfully decadent chocolate bars — dark, milk and inclusions — inspired by rare, delicate cacaos from around the world.

And our hot chocolate is bold, distinctive and full of flavour … just the thing to make you feel spoiled and comforted.

We make artisanal gifts that are a pleasure to share with loved ones. For Easter, Spring Festival, Eid and Christmas.

We host fun, entertaining events like tasting evenings and chocolate-making parties. Customers and their children are invited to get sticky and discover the fascinating world of chocolate.

Our way

The UK is slowly pivoting away from mass production towards healthy eating, craft production and ethical sourcing. Coffee, beer and ‘free-from’ food ranges are the most high-profile expressions of this trend. We believe that chocolate is following a similar path, with customers wanting integrity along with quality and taste.

This is why our chocolate is high in cocoa content and has less sugar than mainstream brands. It’s why we use our hands alongside the latest technology to craft bars and bonbons from couverture supplied by award-winning, ethical producers. And it’s why we give 2.5% of our profits to food-related charities.

Our founders

Michael and Naz, stumbled into the world of fine chocolate in 2012 at the first-ever Salon Du Chocolate exhibition in London. At the time, they were looking for a joint venture; a shared interest that would give them time together and fund a growing family.

All sorts had been mooted — barbershops, book publishing, a crèche/café … even coffee roasting. But at Salon Du Chocolate, they were awed by the gorgeous tastes and packaging of chocolatiers like Duffy’s, Omnom and Rococo. The dedication, warmth and expertise of the chocolate makers they met on the day was infectious.

Spurred on by the dearth of fine chocolate in South West London, they started learning how to make their own. This involved spending time with chocolatier Simon Dunn and courses at Slattery’s, the award-winning, family-run patisserie and bakery. In 2013, Michael and Naz started sharing their creations with family and friends, getting feedback on everything from taste and texture to packaging and price.

Encouraged by squeals of delight, they began distributing to local cafés and selling to personally recommended contacts. By May 2016, they were ready to introduce Cocoa Jones to a wider audience — they took a stall at a local Farmers and Artisan Market and launched a website to spread the word.

Our products

We use the finest cacao to produce the most luxurious chocolate. This is enhanced with flavours that reflect our heritage, blending diverse tastes such as mango and lime, rose and pistachio, cardamom and lemon.

Taking inspiration from across the globe, we use cacao from Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, places that have been cultivating the finest cacaos for centuries. We blend spices and ingredients from the Middle East, Asia and Britain for a distinctly different taste. Our branding is inspired by West African and Islamic art, as we set out to take chocolate lovers on an exquisite journey of taste.

Follow the link. Indulge your senses.

Our point of difference

A beautifully crafted piece of chocolate has a distinctive personality, creating an intense, sensory pleasure all of its own. Our bars, truffles and bonbons are full of complexity and contradictions. And that’s what makes them so different.

Our Name

We’re always asked about the origin of our name, Cocoa Jones. It took over a year to think of it and en route we discarded many alternatives including Cocoa Stones, Temper Temper and the Fat Chocolatier.

The term ‘Jones’ is Victorian and African-American slang for addiction, desire and longing. We think the name accurately reflects our infatuation.