Cocoa Jones has a new home; find us at 2 The Parade, Old Lodge Lane, CR8 4DG. Cocoa Jones has a new home; find us at 2 The Parade, Old Lodge Lane, CR8 4DG.


Nigeria, Eti-Oni

Nigeria, Eti-Oni

Every so often at Cocoa Jones we select one very special couverture or flavour combination and craft it into our limited-edition bar. This January, we are pleased to introduce you to our Eti-Oni bar. A 70% dark chocolate bar handmade from cocoa beans that hail from Eti-Oni, a region in South-West Nigeria. Imported and roasted by Duffy Sheardown, one of our favourite bean to bar makers.

On first taste we were both immediately struck by the smooth taste of this cacao, distinguished by light floral notes with a touch of nuts and warm spice.  We actually did a double take to check that we had read the label right, as even to the trained palate, we questioned if it could be 70%. Absolutely no hint of bitterness, just deep sophistication. This chocolate has beautiful floral notes, a hint of nuts and a spectacularly smooth feel on the tongue. The only issue we had is that it is extremely moreish, so it’s difficult to not scoff a whole bar in one sitting. The bar as well as being Vegan is also soy free. We’re delighted to introduce it as our limited-edition bar for 2019.

The region of Eti-Oni has been producing cocoa since 1896 but decades of neglect decimated a once thriving industry. It’s now undergoing a revival, with an annual cocoa festival organized by Oba Dokun Thomson, a direct descendant of Gureje Thomson who introduced cacao farming to the region over 120 years ago. 

This is a get it while you can product, so place your order today. We’re confident it will not disappoint, let us know how it compares to other 70% bars you’ve tasted.